Only the most expensivest Kopi Luwak can simmer down #mondays.

This design was due YESTERDAY.

Having a CBD Tea. I'm Fine. #deadinside

!!! Avocados are on sale!!!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess

When someone says they are "unimpressed" with your design solution,
then offers their own but it doesn't solve 50% of their problem.

WHUT? I'm employee of the month?

Why did the strawberry cry?
Because his mother was in a jam


Hi, Bye, See You Never!

Get it now for iMessage from Apple Store 
Search any of the following to bring it up #blu #blucat #blukittie #bluer #catlo 
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Many thanks to Juan Billy and Cory Bohon for helping me with this collaboration.
Thanks Zach for giving me this ridiculous name.
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