Linkstorm is an advertising technology company, provides new approaches to online marketing, e-commerce, publishing, and social networking. Its hyperlinking system enhances the performance of online advertising, e-commerce, and online publishing by overlaying cascading menus onto various kinds of hyperlink and ad units. 

I produced ad units and demos for display advertising to pixel-perfection, cross browser compatibility. Executing extensive knowledge with CSS "sliding-doors" and behaviors in strict/trasitional/quirk modes

Created advertising campaigns with enhanced performance by tailoring custom designs for each client’s needs. Clients include: Xerox, LaQuinta, Hampton Inn, Dove Men, E-Trade, Liberty Mutual, LL Bean, T-Mobile, HP, Broadband of America, Nasonex, Sirius, Prudential, Old Navy, Forbes, IBM, NYU SCPS, Office Depot, RadioShack, StrideRite, UPS & TIAA-Cref
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