Cat Lo is a product designer experienced in
Art Direction & UX/UI Visual Design
I am a passionate creative designer with over ten years experience and proven ability to transform abstract concepts into impactful engaging media. Able to create interface and experiences that can be directly mapped to business goals and user values to accurately communicate suitable UX strategies and adhere to project constraints to provide the best design solution. 

Able to give holistic and tactical long-term and short-term concepts, project planning, pitching, analyze user behavior, wire framing, and prototyping. I'm also accustomed to working in a fast-paced, multi-faceted creative environment and is committed to producing high quality work.

I possess initiative, leadership, mentoring ability, and attention to detail to execute successful project strategy without hand holding. I am also open minded and love to work with people and their ideas to complete the project as a team. I have the drive to immerse and learn new skill of the business to push boundaries of what is possible.

Able to design a wide range of creative from print, web, interactive co-branding marketing promotions, direct marketing landing pages to product iOS UI/UX/Visual Designs for front-end, responsive, and mobile platforms.


- Interaction Design
- Visual Design
- UI/UX for iOS
- Web Design
- iPhone/iPad Applications
- Art/Creative Direction
- E-Commerce
- Start Up Advising
- Print Design

Projects & Clients I've worked with:
Adobe 99U Conference Live in New York City (2018)
TechCrunch (2015) - Re:quest Apple Watch app

Behance Feature: Web Design Served (2014), Interaction (2014) 

Even Linkedin Can Be Beautiful

Press on Engadget, Huffington Post, Fast Company
AllPaws Pet Rescue App (2014)

Business Insider & American Express Open Forum (2013)

Photography featuring Trendy Felix Office Space

Behance Curated: Featured on App Design Served (2013)

Lot18 Mobile App Design
Gizmodo & The Tech Block (2013)
Linkedin Concept Redesign & NY Food Festival (2012)

Featured Photography Event Coverage - Meatopia

Washington DC Chinese Cultural Website Contest

First Place for Winner 3 years in a row from 2000-2002
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